Мотоциклетное видео

The Motorcyclist: косуха, джинсы и Honda Bros

Забавное видео в ретро стиле.

От автора видео мне пришло письмо:


I just wanted to let you know I am honored you used my video on your Honda Hawk/Bros web sight. I made this video in 1995 and gave it a second life a year or so ago by putting it on YouTube. The Hawk was my favorite bike of all the bikes I've owned. I had to sell it for financial reasons, and have regretted it ever since. These bikes are getting hard to find here in the US and I wish I could get another. I am glad to see Honda kept them in production for Russia and Europe. Feel free to use this video where ever you like to help promote one of the best motorcycles Honda ever built.

thanks again,

Ken Axmaker, Jr

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